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    Over 20 years ago, I worked at Canyon Ranch as an herbal therapist performing herbal body wraps, aromatherapy and aloe glaze treatments. This sparked my interest in using essential oils and herbs as a natural way to care for the skin. Driven by my passion for healthy skin and non­-toxic ingredients, as well as needing to stay in Tucson for my young son, I decided to go to a local cosmetology school to become an aesthetician. Due to my experience in a traditional beauty school setting, I felt there were a lot of things that could be improved upon.This led me to open Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School in 2006. We teach a holistic aesthetics program dedicated exclusively to skincare using only non–toxic ingredients.

    Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense from environmental attacks, so I care deeply about the products I use. I began researching ingredients and I discovered that a lot of skincare product lines that claim to be natural still contain toxic chemicals. Often times, it felt like I had to be a chemist to decipher all of the long words in the ingredient list. Believing that a truly natural, holistic and non-­toxic skincare line was possible, I formulated Kaelen Harwell to be used exclusively at Pure Aesthetics. However, after working with the products for three years at the school and seeing the results they were producing the demand for expansion and a retail line began to grow. In November 2015, Kaelen Harwell officially launched!

    Just as skin is constantly evolving, so too is my journey in skincare. In this blog, I plan on sharing information about skincare, health and wellness.
    I hope you enjoy!
    Kaelen Johnson


    Photography by Sloane Ehnat, Film Photographer & Make-Up Artist specializing in intimate portraiture, personal and professional branding. Sloane is super excited about her newest project, exploring love and intimacy!


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